The Consultation will take 1.5-2 hours. We are going to analyze your blood with the Holographic Blood© method to identify and address the root cause of your imbalances. We will show you your live blood while we explain the basics of what we're looking at, and what it means. We will also show you the holograms in your blood, and discuss how they relate to what your body is concerned about. It is an extremely educating and empowering experience to understand how you've arrived to where your health is currently. Even more, is to understand what it is that you can do for yourself to get yourself back on the path to wellness...and how to keep yourself there. You will see the essence of who you truly are, and you will develop a deeper understanding of your potential to live with true health freedom.

Consultation with treatments: During this 3-4 hours we are going to analyze your blood with the Holographic Blood© method to identify and address the root cause of your imbalances. We will also do a bioenergy assessment to guide you better in your process of optimizing your health. You will receive the necessary treatments (according to the results of the test), to successfully start working on the cause of your issues so that your body can heal efficiently. 

We will confirm that the treatment has been effective by doing a second analysis of your blood. We will offer you educational content – lifestyle recommendations, with activities that enable learning new lifestyle habits. At the end, you will receive the report with the images of before and after, the explanation and the recommendations.

Price: The price of the consultation is $399 USD, 

Consultation with treatments is $599.


Welcome to our Life Reset program

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This is the most comprehensive experience we offer. During the next 5 days we will walk by your side so you can learn more about you, your health, and how to optimize it. Dis-ease is a process. Health is a process. We have created this program to help you get back on track to your optimal health.

We understand human being (to be) as holistic beings. Holistic means understanding that we are much more than the addition of parts, we are a whole, each part is connected to the rest. Every treatment has to be totally personalized, strengthening the body’s natural ability to heal, understanding that each “symptom” is talking about an adaptation, and supporting the body in what it is trying to do.

The 5 topics are:

During the week we will be monitoring
your evolution and adapting /customizing / tailoring
the treatments to your actual needs.

We empower people to take care of, and responsibility for their own health and wellness. We all deserve the freedom to live happy healthy lives in fullness. The program is based on 5 different topics that are unfolded in weekly cycles.

The sequence, the treatments, and the topics are designed to give you the maximum resources and tools that will empower you and give you the best overall experience. During the day, we will work with you a minimmum of 3 to 4 hours. During this time, we will be monitoring your evolution, attend to your needs and do the required treatments. You will also have time to rest and do your "homework".

The treatments that you will receive generally include (but are not limited to) body work, scar releasing, neural regulation, energy coherence, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, far infrarred, sound therapy, vibrational therapies, and infoceuticals. Stem cells and cell therapy are also available, depending on the needs. The treatments are non-invasive (or minimally invasive) and totally safe and effective. Each day we will be able to observe the changes and adjust the therapy program. Observations of the changes are necessary as we do not heal through protocols.

You will also experience our unique "School of Health", which will give you context and understanding of our modality as well as help motivate you to continue supporting your own health long after you leave our clinic. The program can be repeated in 5 day blocks of time (Monday to Friday) as we go deeper each week into the understanding and the tools for each one of the topics.

Dr. Masaru Emoto
“Over the course his 25 years of research, Dr. Bigelsen has learned how to interpret images created by the blood in order to understand a person’s total health. He has found that blood, like water, is a messenger of a person’s emotion and consciousness. This is exciting and spectacular research and my hope is that will be it will be shared with the world.”


DAY 1 Discovering health from the basis: The structure

This day we will listen to your expectations and needs naturally allowing us to design the route that we will follow during the rest of your stay. We will take a drop of blood to analyze using the Holographic Blood© method.

We will also scan your bioelectric energy to detect blockages that will reveal how you are at the moment. Typically, the first treatment will be to work on your structure which will release some of the more basic restrictions in your body, helping your body to recover the alignment resulting in you having a right pose in life.

We have found that “Aligning the body to align our life” and “Balancing the body to balance our life” are powerful principles to live by.

We will check your blood and bioenergetics as needed to look for the specific signals about changes that will occur after each treatment. We will explain to you how we understand health and diseases and how are we are going to work during the rest of your stay with us. It is going to be a very intensive day, full of information for you and for us!

 Day 2 The language of the energy

Once the physical body becomes more and more free of energy blocks that cause health challenges, your energy can flow more freely resulting in a progression towards restored optimal health and wellbeing.

We will show you one of the most powerful tools to consciously work with energy by introducing the role Heart Rate Variability plays in your health. With a unique and technologically advanced device, we will show you how to achieve coherence within yourself allowing you to create, redirect, and manage your own energy at will.

We will teach you a short and fun QiGong routine followed by two different treatments designed to strengthen and tune your energy based on electromagnetic and acoustic frequencies. Both treatments will help your energy flow better, allowing your body to recover faster.

Heart&Brain connection

DAY 3 Our emotions and their impact on health

It is time to continue taking control of the different structures within ourselves. Now is the time for emotions. We will do a MAP of the different aspects of your life, your needs, and how to fulfill them. We will show you a representation of your emotions with the Bio-Well device which can reveal to us the price we pay for living the way we do.

We will again practice QiGong together followed by another set of treatments based upon your specific needs, as we did the first day.

DAY 4 How to use our mind to have a fuller life

The mind is one of our structures that sometimes takes control over our lives. We will explore different ways of using our mind and how to manage it where we become the ones that decide what we want to do with it. If we don’t make up our minds (telling it what to think), then our minds will make us up. We will explain to you a technique that can be very effective in helping you use your mind wisely.

We will do our daily practice of QiGong together followed by another bioelectricity measurement to check your evolution, and then continue with the treatments according to your specific needs.

DAY 5 Living more consciously

The last of the structures we are going to work on with you is Consciousness. We will help you figure out ways to be and live totally in the present moment allowing your consciousness to become more aware of and present to all the aspects of your life. We begin our day with QiGong and then take another drop of blood to check the changes followed by more treatments custom tailored to your needs and evolution.


This cycle is designed to be able to be repeated, as many times as necessary. During the following weeks, we will review and go deeper into the 5 different topics and respective practices while giving you new tools that you can use once you have incorporated the previous ones.


The price of the program is $3500 USD per week.

This does not include accommodation
fees, nor meals.

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