Darwin vs Lamark: Evolution theory vs terrain theory

Albert Szvent-Giorgi, Nobel Prize winner and father of modern biochemistry, stated "They will never find the answer for cancer, unless they understand the meaning of life."

The only way to understand disease is, first, to understand the meaning of life. The philosophy of Biographic Medicine is based on the theories of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Gunther Enderlein, Antoine Bechamp, Rupert Sheldrake, and Andrew Taylor Still and on Homotoxicology.

Darwin's theory of evolution is based on antagonism and chance. Lamarck's theory of evolution is based on adaptation and symbiosis. Pasteur believed that germs never change and cause disease. Bechamp, his rival, believed that germs change and adapt to the surrounding terrain. Using Pasteur's and Darwin 's philosophies, which modern medicine uses today, we would attack and kill the germ. However, on the other hand, using Bechamp's philosophy of pleomorphism, we should treat and stabilize the terrain and the germ will go back to its normal, symbiotic state.

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