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Since disease is a process, therefore cure is a process. The future of 21st century medicine will be therapy, therapy, therapy. The human being is a physical body with a constantly moving energy and fluid flow. Andrew Taylor Still, the Founding Father of Osteopathy, stated "Disease cannot exist where there are no obstructions". All therapies are designed to open up these flows and get the body functioning to its maximum. As the body's functions improve, the health of the patient must also improve.
Every disease process is like a runaway freight train. First you have to catch the train, control the train, turn the train around, and finally bring it back to the station. The microscopic analysis will tell you how far the train has been out of control, how from the station it has strayed, and what caused it to get out of control in the first place.

Once you have an analysis done, a logical therapeutic program can be designed.
Since disease is related to obstructions of energy and fluid flows throughout the body, then finding these obstructions and treating those areas is the major concept of Biological Medicine. One of the major laws of Biological Medicine is by using the concepts of evolution, function created structure therefore structure precedes function when treating a patient. These obstructions are known as disturbance fields or interference zones. These disturbance fields need to be treated using a combination of Neural Therapy, Osteopathy and the correct Isopathic Remedies.

Proven therapies, checked by holographic blood diagnose

This is a list of therapies approved by Bigelsen Academy with proven results on blood.
We try those therapies by doing a blood consultation after and before, to check if has any blood health improvement.

This list only includes therapies which has a major blood improvement.
  • Sound and Life - Eva Julián: We are honored to be able to offer the work of Eva Julian. She uses sounds with specific frequencies recorded from nature. In addition to your educational consultation she can supply specific sounds from nature that are individualized for you based on the educational consultation. They will come with very specific instructions on how to use the sounds. We believe wholeheartedly that “sound” can be a big part of our healing process. However, one must first understand the frequencies they are using in addition to the frequencies that may may benefit the individual. Eva Julian is ahead of her time and has been working with and researching sounds/frequencies in Nature for many years and has a wonderful understanding of the importance of Nature and its frequencies. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Osteopathy: The basic concept of structure that is used at the Biological Medicine Institute.
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